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2008-07-20 18:41:54 by Creators-Of-Awesome

Well this is Celina, the female part of us Creators, and I'm telling you guys we're updating.
Might be handy!
I'm thinking 'bout scripts and practising my skills in voiceacting!
Since you never ever heard my voice I'm pretty sure it'll be a suprise, negative, or positive, it'll be the same to me.
Anyway, today, I've made a new picture, and a new icon for the CoA-profile, and I thought: let's tell my fellow NG-users.
Don't do the naughty n0-no things and continue to make NG a paradise for us artists!
-Kisses, Celina (Creators-of-Awesome)

lets go!

2008-06-07 19:32:04 by Creators-Of-Awesome

the Creators of awesome are official now!
first submition is jochio's first attempt to a Dressup game!
i hope you like it!